Welcome to our website!


Hello and welcome to our website! By now I hope you’ve had a chance to look around and learn a bit more about me and Joe. I thought I would kick off our first blog post with a little bit of information about our adoption process and where we are as of today.

Joe and I officially started our adoption process in March 2017 and submitted our first application to our agency, Children’s Home & Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota. We attended several info sessions with different agencies before finding LSS and deciding to move forward. One of the things that we both really liked about LSS is the education and resources that they provide to us as future adoptive parents and also to expecting mothers considering creating an adoption plan.

After submitting our initial application we went on a wait list and completed various educational requirements, including a two day workshop at our agency. In October we reached the top of that wait list and were officially invited into the domestic infant adoption program. We then spent the next 6 weeks completing all of the necessary paperwork, including background checks, physicals and references. After everything was processed and approved we were assigned to our adoption worker, Jennifer. She will now remain with us throughout our adoption journey. We met with Jennifer 3 times throughout January and February as part of our home study. After several hours together, visiting our home and meeting Brooker, she was ready to present our home study to her team for approval. Last week we received a very exciting email from her, sharing her team approved her recommendation and we are officially home study approved!!

We are so excited to be at this point in our adoption journey. Although it was a lot of work to complete our home study, we enjoyed talking with Jennifer and sharing more about our families, who we are, how we met, what makes us unique and our hopes for the future. A home study is a requirement for all adoptions, both domestic and international, and helps to show that you are prepared and able to provide a suitable, safe home for a child.

With our home study complete, we are now focusing on our adoption outreach, such as our website and social media (if you don’t already follow us, please scroll down and find our Facebook & Instragram pages). Our agency shared that approximately 50% of infant adoptions happen through personal outreach. They encourage you to get creative and continue telling others your adoption story; you never know who it may reach. Part of our outreach will be a profile book at our agency that expecting parents can review. We are currently on a waitlist to be placed in that book and are hopeful to be in “the book” in 4-6 months.

If you or someone you know are interested in creating an adoption plan for your child or have any questions, please let us know. We’d love to talk with you!

Thank you so much for visiting our website. We are truly grateful to be on this journey and cannot wait to see where it will lead.

God bless,



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