National Puppy Day: Brooklyn’s Story

In honor of National Puppy Day we knew that we had to share photos of your favorite (ok, our favorite) dog as a puppy! As many of you know, Joe and I have a little Maltese, Brooklyn, lovingly called Brooker. He is 11 years old and has been with through moves, job changes, the loss of loved ones and the list continues. He is the sweetest member of our family and will make the very best big brother.

The Story of Brooker:

Joe and I graduated from college, were engaged and living in Bismarck, ND. One afternoon I was online looking at a local classifieds website and saw the cutest ad on the side of my screen. It was a fluffy little white dog, “for sale!” I clicked on it and couldn’t resist. Before I knew it I was showing Joe and calling the phone number to go look at puppies. Keep in mind; we had not previously talked about getting a dog. I called the number and set up a time to visit the puppies later that day. It was about a 20 minute drive from our house and as we were driving Joe kept saying, “we’re just looking.” I smiled and nodded, not really sure what I was getting us into. We arrived at the home and met the breeders, Tim and Deb. They introduced us to the puppies and we even got to meet Brooklyn’s Mom and Dad, which was neat. I really wanted a girl dog and was sad when Deb shared that the only girl they had was already sold. I was ready to leave when she started to share….”we do have this one puppy. He’s the runt of the litter. He’s going to be smaller than the rest and need a little extra love and attention.” That was it, I was sold! I couldn’t say no. Brooker and his siblings were so small that day that we couldn’t hold him, but Deb was very thorough in explaining information about the breed and also shared that we could come out on the weekends and visit him.

After Joe and I got in the car he looked at me, not surprised, and said “we just bought a dog.” Yes, yes we did. And if I remember correctly my excitement drove us right to Pet Smart so that I could begin preparing to be the very best puppy Mom.

We visited Brooklyn a few times and before we knew it, he was 12 weeks old and we could bring him home. Our first visit was our apartment in Bismarck before we headed to my hometown for the weekend. There was one glitch in our plan to get a puppy, our apartment didn’t allow pets. Thankfully, Joe’s parents agreed to watch Brooklyn for a few weeks while we packed and moved to Billings, MT. He loved spending time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, along with their German Sheppard, Cassie. B and Cassie were quite the pair and loved playing together.

Before we knew it we had moved to Billings and Brooker was home. The rest is history and will be saved for another time. Stay tuned for more adventures of Brooker!


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