Baseball and Me

Hello all, in honor of the baseball season starting I thought I would let you all know a little about me and my love of baseball.  I have loved baseball since I can remember, playing catch in the front yard, years of going to the local little league fields to practice, and watching my favorite team the Minnesota Twins try to win every season.

I spent many summers of my youth practicing and playing games with my teammates.  Those summers were some of the best days of my life.  I can remember the smell of the concession stand food that was dinner on late nights at the fields, and the long days helping maintain them.  Many people don’t know this but I spent a whole summer building a new baseball field at my local Little League.  I was also fortunate enough to continue to play in college and impress my girlfriend at the time (Erin).

As you may already know Erin and I have a tradition of going to every Opening Day Minnesota Twins game but you may not know that I have been a Twins fan my whole life.  Football teams may come and go but the Twins will forever be my team.  I remember when they won the World Series in 1991 and “may” have a box of unopened Wheaties at my parents house.

I love baseball and all of the wonderful life lessons that it has taught me over the years and hope to one day my love of the game with a child.


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