Our Love Story

IMG_2255Joe and I met when we were freshman in college at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. He had been on-campus early for football practice and met Amber, who turned out to be Erin’s suite mate. Although she barely knew either of us, she thought that we were “perfect for each other!” She introduced us at a dance and it was by no means love at first sight. However, she persisted and invited him to our dorm a few nights later to watch the American Idol finale. Joe and I started talking and we quickly discovered two things: 1) he was in a higher level chemistry class than I was and 2) we both loved baseball.

Joe started helping me with my chemistry homework and in turn, I helped him with his public speaking class. To this day, I’m not sure that I learned much about chemistry. He tried his best, but all I remember is him trying to explain protons, neutrons and electrons as “happy people” and “sad people.”

Our shared interest in baseball is what truly brought us together. Joe’s love for baseball runs deep and I was lucky enough to be able to watch him play both college and Legion ball. Some of my favorite memories are the times we spent talking in the dugouts at night or lying on the field looking up at the stars. It’s only natural that one of the first movies we watched was For Love of the Game; we actually had the theme song playing as we said our wedding vows. Our love of baseball has continued: him a Minnesota Twins fan and me an Atlanta Braves fan. We have enjoyed making Minnesota home over the last 5 years and have made it an annual tradition to attend the Minnesota Twins Opening Day!

Our Wedding:

Joe and I dated throughout college and he proposed a few months after graduation. Shortly after our engagement we moved from North Dakota to his hometown of Billings, Montana. As we were looking at wedding venues, we both fell in love with the Dan Walt Garden in Billings. Our wedding was the perfect blend of us both and we were so blessed to be able to celebrate with our closest family and friends, including little Brooklyn. It’s hard to believe that we said “I do” almost 10 years ago.